Notice to Our Medicare Patients

AtlantiCare is pleased to let you know that you are entitled to a free wellness exam every 13 months. This important exam is completely covered by Medicare

During the wellness exam your provider will focus on preventive health, risk factor reduction and a general update of your medical history. Preventive screenings can catch new or potential issues before they become big issues. These screenings may include but are not limited to: bone mass measurements, cardiovascular screenings, colorectal screenings, diabetes screenings, glaucoma screenings, prostate screenings, pelvic/Pap screenings, mammography and vaccines. During your wellness exam we will also have the opportunity to discuss many home safety issues that we may not have had time to address at your regular visits.

Please call 1.888.569.1000 to schedule your wellness exam with your AtlantiCare physician.

Please remember that this will be a wellness visit, and we will focus on disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle rather than the treatment of any current illnesses you may have. Those issues will be discussed at your regularly scheduled appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon for a wellness exam!

Choosing the Right Primary Care Doctor

Whether you’re new to our community, have changed health plans recently, or simply are looking for a new primary care provider, choosing a doctor for routine checkups and primary medical care is one of the most important decisions you will make as a healthcare consumer.